We welcome and excited to have students and clients of Tensegrity Pilates, Australia, coming to attend these workshops, designed and taught by Travey Nicholas! Part of the retreat program, you can sign up for workshops only or the entire retreat.

For retreat info, see here: https://www.tensegritytraining.com.au/events/

Use this link to sign up for the retreat, individual or all 3 workshops(AUD$150 discount for all 3 together) : https://enrol.vetenrol.com.au/Enrol?203313711

Reformer Advanced Part A – Spiralling Spines and Reformer Advanced Part B – Strength & Control:

This workshop explores an extensive repertoire of Reformer Intermediate and advanced exercises. You will learn about using the reformer for injury rehabilitation as well as for strength and conditioning purposes.

Participants will learn:

  • Exercises aimed to mobilise and strengthen the spine and shoulder girdle
  • A series of Reformer exercises that uniquely blend challenge for fitness, spinal strength, mobility and stability for the entire body
  • How to assist your clients to achieve better results while addressing individual needs
  • A variety of Reformer exercises to extend your clients regardless of levels of fitness or experience
  • How to modify Reformer exercises for varying abilities and injury status
  • How to perfect your tactile cueing skills – you get to experience and feel each exercise in your body and how to identify and correct poor technique in your clients

Cost: AUD$575
Date & Time:
October 23, 2020, 1-4.30pm
October 24, 2020, 12.30pm-4pm

Pilates Barre Functional Movement

Enhance your skills as a practitioner with a new range of fun Barre-based repertoire. This workshop is designed for practitioners/instructors looking to enhance their work with clients. A Somatic based technique, which enables clients to recover from chronic stiffness and restore ease of movement by adhering to the principles of Developmental Movement Patterns.

You will be introduced to some Developmental Movement theory to assist with the performance of the undulating movements at the Barre. This revolutionary method of Barre-work takes the essence of developmental movement and applies it to the principles of efficient bio-mechanics and dual force theory to create a system of fluid and strengthening exercises at the Barre.

A series of simple to more complex movements involving arch, curl, rotation, flex, bend, reach, pull and so on – all executed to the beat of funky and dynamic music. The movements gently work joints & muscles through rhythmic patterns, while stretching & reinforcing joint & muscle strength in the body. The program will definitely develop your coordination and your upper and lower body strength.

Forget ‘Booty Barre’ and work the entire body through Tensegrity Training’s Barre for Functional Movement. You might even feel the ‘groove’ of the dancer within!!!

Participants will learn:

  • How to incorporate movements at the Barre in your  existing classes
  • How to create Barre classes for your clients that enable them to discover the true flexibility of the spine and pelvis
  • To view existing knowledge of anatomy with new interest by taking your movement skills and exercise sequences to the Barre

Cost: AUD$700
Date & Time:
October 25, 2020, 9.30am-4pm

I’ve Got Your Back – Multifidus the Source of Spinal IntegrityCost

A workshop designed  to integrate spiralling movements of the Spine to reach increased levels of strength and mobility. The workshop will include anatomy of Multifidus and its role in stabilisation.

The 3-dimensionality & mobility of the spine is used in this unique approach to Pilates. The presenter has incorporated principles of Gyroscopic motion, creating innovative repertoire with challenging modifications  on Pilates equipment and floor exercises. Your spine will feel so fluid as you learn to accommodate any change in its axis of rotation by responding with corresponding changes in orientation and momentum.

These fluid movements gently work joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises, while stretching & strengthening the body. This workshop will definitely develop your coordination whilst allowing your spine to safely mobilise beyond any existing stiffness. The safe movement patterns of the spine will stimulate the nervous system, open up energy pathways & oxygenate the blood, leaving you with a sense of vigour and power.

Participants will learn:

  • How to incorporate fluid spiralling movements of flexion, extension and rotation of the spine into traditional Pilates mat and equipment classes
  • how to palpate Multifidus activation in clients
  • How to guide clients to activate their Multifidus through guided imagery  and exercise

Cost: AUD$350
Date & Time:
October 26, 2020, 9.30am-1pm