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Somatic Movement, based on the work of Feldenkraise, is a system of neuromuscular education that allows remapping of our movement pattern.

It teaches us to recognize and release chronic pain patterns, resulting from injury, stress, repetitive strain, or habituated postures.

Somatic exercises are simple, slow movements that are done comfortably on the floor. Through awareness and movement, they sequentially unwind holding patterns in the body. This enables us to enjoy the normal activities in our life such as walking, running, sports, and everyday functional movement, with pleasure and ease.

Offered in workshop format with home work series, as well as private sessions.

Benefits of Remaping Your Movement Pattern

Improve insomia
Deep relaxation
Manage stress
Relieve back/neck/shoulders/hip pain
Breathe freely
Reduce joint and TMJ discomfort
Improve flexibility and coordination
Perform favorite activities with greater ease
Heal neuromuscular trauma
Speed recuperation after Illness or Surgery