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Marsella Margareth

Marsella has been working full-time in the wellness and fitness industry since 2016. Born in Jakarta, Marsella graduated in Communication Studies in 2016 from The London School of Public Relations headquarters in Jakarta. Marsella was noticed in yoga classes by her teachers for her dedication, discipline and talent in movement and was encouraged to pursue teaching career. And since then, she has acquired certifications in various forms of movement discipline.

Marsella has been recognized by her teachers and clients as one of the top emerging young Indonesian instructors and had featured in printed and digital media in various occasions.

Marsella is also a raw and vegan food enthusiast who loves to eat and cook clean and provide others with nutrition tips along with her teachings.

She is absolutely passionate about Pilates for it’s precision, control, versatility and scientific approach, and she dedicates a large part of her time off the studio practicing, studying and observing classes to deepen her understanding of Pilates.