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Classes at our studio are very small. We believe in giving each and every client personal attention, to make sure exercises are done safely and effectively. You will get the most out of your sessions with the feedback that you receive constantly from us.



In these one-on-one sessions we help you to get a deeper understanding of the movement and do them with precision. Great for clients who want flexible schedule, highly personalized program, faster results and for those with special physical needs, such as post spinal injuries rehabilitation.

Private Duet allows you to get the similar benefits by sharing the session with another client at a great rate!


Our popular types of classes! With only 3 clients in a class, you enjoy the dynamic of working out with other people while getting lots of individual attention.

Classes are done mainly on the Pilates Reformer, with Cadillac, Chair and Barrels to vary the workouts and to meet individual needs.


This 4 person circuit class on the Mat and various Pilates equipment guaranteed to challenge and tone your body!

Great for clients who want to add variety and to use the equipment to enhance their Mat routine. Working with the equipment will help you with your alignment, stretch better and challenge your strength!


We run small Mat classes to target specific needs and take your Pilates Mat experience to the next level. We design these classes with one goal in mind: to help you achieve better results and bring a different dynamic to your workout routine.

Mat Foundation

Great for new clients without prior Pilates experience. Suitable for post-rehabilitation clients with back/hip/neck problem.
Also ideal for advanced practitioners to revisit the basic of Pilates to fine tune their technique. Level 1.

Mat Plus

This class incorporate all of our favorite light props with this energizing workout! Enhance your Mat routine with the added resistance of the foam rollers, flex bands, small balls, Fitness Circle and fitness ball. These accessories will add intensity, energy and balance to your workout . Watch as your abs, buns, thighs, legs and arms become more sculpted and toned. You will feel stronger and more energized while helping to prevent injury in sports and daily activities. Level 2.

Post-Natal Toning

We take care of new mommies by offering this afternoon moms’ class. Bring you baby(and your nanny) with you or just come on your own to enjoy your alone time. Classes focus on restoring normal function of your pelvic floor, ease pain, improve breathing, strengthening postural muscles, stress-relief stretching and core toning.

Note:The mother will be ready for exercise 6/8 weeks after birth. For C-Section please get doctor’s clearance prior to starting exercise program.